Communication is an essential tool for all beings, it helps us relay the messages, get feedbacks, and converse in a manner that both ends are able to comprehend. The world has become more accessible to the public’s eye even without the need of a passport or visa to go to another country. We have travelled country after country and having a conversation with the people that we love who are overseas without leaving the couch. Technology and communication have fused together to give a wider range of service that we utilize almost every single day of our lives. Telecommunication companies have since then developed the available technologies to have a better experience on their mobile and internet connectivity. Since then, man has become more hooked on their screens, different companies and businesses have used this tool to grow their image and product. The internet has become a vital utility for mankind’s development and evolvement in the society because it is able to provide communication services to all parts of the world.  Which is there is an increase of demand for having a better flow of communication and internet services from telephone companies because of the opportunities that are entailed to it. 

Broadening serivce 

As more people take advantage of what the internet offers in terms of communication and other means of message relaying activity, telecom companies see to it that they are to grow their manpower in order to cater their services to them. They have started to recruit by offering telecom jobs in thailand to get the sufficient amount of qualified workers that meet their standards, this is to ensure that they deliver the quality of service that they have envisioned. 

Where there is manpower, there needs to be management. 

Managerial skills are essential, this is to make sure that the work flow of each and every areas of the company are able to meet the goals set in a specified time. Project management in thailand are those that oversees the company’s workload and workforce of every personnel in their respective stations. Proper management is one of the things that makes a company turn into a success. A good management provides the company with innovations simply because they could recognize the problem and find measures to solve it and prevent future problems from occurring or at least respond to it faster than the last one. When it comes to service delivery, time is of the essence when problems arise, and having to find a resolution for that problem should be done as fast as possible to decrease loss of profit and customers, and chances of occurrence of another problem. 

There will always be a flaw in any system of a company, the amount of time and knowledge to respond to it becomes a crucial matter in the communication industry. Manpower and project management are the main get go of a company for its success and development. 

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